[Whitepaper] Actionable Data Insights – the next step for Healthcare Organizations in their Digital Transformation

Many health plans are excellent at capturing data, but not so great at turning data into a business tool that can help them make smarter decisions.  How can you help your members avoid costly visits to the emergency room? Warn them when weather conditions will affect their health? Alert members when it’s time to review their prescription?

A tool that can analyze any type of data – structured, unstructured and semi-structured – and turn it into actionable insights is what healthcare subject matter experts need to deliver faster and targeted outcomes.

Imagine having a 3D view of your members: call center, claims, Social Determinants of Health, eligibility, IoT/wearables, x-rays and more. If this data could be consolidated together and forming value-based decisions in real time, while  connected to consumer and provider portals, better outcomes and cost savings would ensue. Next, imagine your customer service agents, providers, pharmacy and care coordinators all accessing that data. This is a new way to bring data together, no matter what the source, incorporating it and developing new methods of querying and retrieving it.

This white paper looks at how to use enhanced analytics to turn data into intelligent insights and why that matters for healthcare organizations.

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