Personalized circulating-tumor (ctDNA) technology that employs a truly personalized approach to cancer detection in plasma by tracking mutations known to be present in a patient’s tumor. The ctDNA technology identified 43% more ctDNA-positive early-stage lung cancer patients than a generic lung cancer panel, and is capable of detecting residual disease, measuring treatment response, and monitoring recurrence, as exemplified by a longitudinal clinical study featured on the cover of Nature.

In this webinar, Dr. Jimmy Lin, Chief Scientific Officer will discuss how Natera’s unique approach enables high sensitivity and specificity for ctDNA detection and cost-effectiveness for tumor burden monitoring. Join the webinar to explore the advantages of personalized ctDNA technology and its applications in oncology research, clinical studies, and pharmaceutical development.Learning Objectives Bullet:
    1. Introduction to Signatera's personalized ctDNA technology and its differentiation from a generic panel approach.
    2. Advantages of personalized ctDNA technology in cancer detection in plasma.
    3. Demonstration of the potential of personalized ctDNA technology in residual disease detection, recurrence monitoring, and treatment response measurement.
    4. Applications of the technology in oncology research, clinical studies, and pharmaceutical development.

Featured Speaker:

Dr. Jimmy Lin
Chief Scientific Officer, Oncology

Dr. Cheng-Ho Jimmy Lin is leading the development of new diagnostic technologies for cancer. Dr. Lin is also a 2016 Senior TED Fellow and Founder & President of Rare Genomics Institute, the world's first platform to enable any community to leverage cutting- edge biotechnology to advance understanding of any rare disease.


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