[Whitepaper] Keeping the Voice Channel Open for Business: Win the Robocalling War

Even with the shift to digital communications, voice calls remain vital for business to customer communication.  But with the epidemic of unwanted robocalls and call scams, consumers don’t trust incoming calls.  
  • CSPs are under pressure from regulators and legislators to implement free anti-robocalling solutions that take resources away from already shrinking revenues and budgets.
  • An unintended consequence of anti-robocalling efforts is that legitimate business calls, even their own, are wrongly blocked or tagged as spam.
  • Telecommunications companies rely on phone calls as a way to deliver services and communicate with customers – yet they report that only 20% of their outbound calls are answered. These dismal contact rates result in decreased customer satisfaction, increased operational costs, and loss of revenue, customers and productivity.
  • In solving the robocall crisis, CSPs can improve operations and financial results from better customer communications and save our valuable voice channel from extinction.

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