Our webinar will provide a PoV on R&D Operations from notable industry leaders with over 20+ years of experience designing, building and implementing R&D Operations capabilities within our industry.  We will share practical experiences, leading practices and example models for capability integration, organization design, governance and visualization across R&D.  You will leave the webinar informed of our industry evolution while providing you with key lessons learned from real-life programs.  This "recipe" should assist you as your organization begins their journey in R&D Operations.  

You will be joined by one of PwC's lead subject matter specialists, in addition to industry panelists.

Featured Speaker

Michael Mentesana

Health Industry Advisory Analytics Leader

Michael is a dynamic consulting executive with 20+ years of experience assisting organizations improve business performance by leading the development and deployment of new strategies, processes, and enabling technology.  He has global experience in the financial services, consulting, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Michael leads PwC’s Health Analytics Practice and is based in New York City. 


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