[Whitepaper] Microservice architecture for the enterprise

For the uninitiated, a microservice is defined as an independently deployable component of bounded scope that supports interoperability through message-based communication.

 But, it’s not just about individual microservices—it’s about how microservices work together. From this perspective, we look at “microservice architecture”—a style of engineering highly automated, evolvable software systems made up of capability aligned microservices. This definition comes from the book Microservice Architecture, published by O’Reilly.

 What does this mean for businesses? Rather than building monolithic applications that require long development cycles and big releases, organizations are creating applications out of multiple, lightweight microservices that facilitate smaller, more frequent changes and independent scalability. You want to deliver new innovations, release apps faster and take advantage of new opportunities. Your business will be able to act more quickly and developers will love the easy access to APIs that give them the freedom to focus on customer experience.

Sponsored by: CA Technologies | June 2018