[Whitepaper] The factory of the future

It’s no great surprise that technologies and trends are having a profound impact on manufacturing all around the globe. In this document, we’ll explain how to deal with and benefit from them.

More precisely, we’ll highlight life- and business-changing megatrends with new technological tools that ultimately enable you to improve efficiency and reduce cost to keep you competitive, and more importantly, deliver greater value to your customers.

The global megatrends discussed here, when combined with new and converging technologies, will require manufacturers to transform themselves and even consider new business models. The overarching takeaway is this—manufacturing as we know it is changing radically. We are quickly entering an era of a new type of customer—one who is global, but who isn’t in the geographic areas where we’ve traditionally focused. This new customer is more mobile, more aware, and more demanding.

Sponsored by: Epicor | May 2018