[Whitepaper] Edge IT: the engine powering digital transformation

This IDC Perspective provides business leaders and CIOs with a road map to develop expertise in assessing, deploying, and managing information technology (IT) at increasingly "smart" edge locations. These urban cores, hospitals, and factories are where IoT, robotics, augmented/virtual reality, 3D printing, and cognitive/AI are created and delivered. Your ability to deliver IT at the edge will be the key to boosting business velocity, enabling dynamic business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility.

Edge IT is not about specific devices (sensors, vehicles, or machines) nor about a specific location (building/campus, city, or region); rather, its about delivering data and resources to people and things. What all edge IT efforts require is a flexible and scalable interconnect foundation that ensures secure and rapid movement of data and services between all devices and locations.

Sponsored by: Equinix | Apr 2018