[Whitepaper] State of Application Services report 2019 and APCJ SOAS Executive Summary

When we started this journey to understand the importance of application services within the context of emerging technologies such as cloud, IoT, and software-defined technologies more than five years ago, we knew we were shining a light on a future disruption.
What we didn’t know was that applications themselves would become the very foundation of the digital economy—thus ushering in an even more prominent role for application services. It’s these services that help organizations ensure that their applications can be quickly migrated and deployed with the confidence that they are always available, protecting their business from unforeseen threats, and scaling seamlessly around the world—no matter where their applications reside.
For our fifth annual survey, we asked nearly 2,000 respondents globally—across a range of industries, company sizes, and roles—about the challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing process of digital transformation. This survey provides a uniquely comprehensive analysis of the trends shaping the application landscape—and how IT organizations are transforming to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital economy.

Sponsored by F5 Networks | Feb 2019