[Whitepaper] A zombie’s survival guide in a changing database world

Now that we have your attention … Is the DBA dead?

Or are your dreams of that steady role as a DBA dying as you struggle to keep up with how quickly the landscape of database administration is changing?

Do you feel like one of the undead or near-dead when you think about how much the database management landscape has changed in the past decade and how much it’s going to change in the next decade?

Or are you a workplace zombie, hunched over your keyboard, staring at three monitors and working on database performance tuning
all day long? Let’s see … what’s on your task list again?

OK, so there’s some doom and gloom out there about the future of the DBA. But in this e-book, you’ll learn about the top three trends — DevOps, multi-platform databases and cloud-based databases — that affect DBAs like us. You’ll get some real-world perspectives on the evolving role of the DBA. If you can shake off the DBA-pocalypse, you’ll see how to adapt, evolve, survive and even thrive in a database world that is now and will forever be in flux.

You have nothing to lose but your zombie-hood.

Sponsored by: Quest | Apr 2019