[Whitepaper] Business outcomes in a connected world

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often mentioned as a key enabler of digital transformation, with every “thing” – from industrial equipment to every imaginable consumer product – is now connected and sharing data.

Business value beyond connectivity and IoT data insights requires integration between the IoT and the business. In most scenarios, IoT data is made available to different departments within a company for a variety of decision needs. At this stage, IoT projects focus less on technology and more on better ways to enable desired outcomes. Organizations are beginning to rethink their business model – from selling products and after-sales services to providing entire products as a service. In the long term, this exercise will fundamentally affect asset operations and management accounting.

This document discusses how SAP's Leonardo digital innovation system aims to deliver innovation at scale, and help organizations transform themselves to unleash sustainable value in a connected, digital, intelligent, and networked environment.

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