[Whitepaper] Availability for today’s multi-cloud enterprise

In today’s digital economy, IT organizations are increasingly using public cloud technologies and services to meet their needs for increased agility and innovation, as well as cost management. This use of public cloud technologies is further complicated when companies use multiple cloud service providers, a concept also known as multi-cloud, and attempt to integrate on- and off-premises environments, known as hybrid cloud. IT organizations now must manage systems that span across both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, which present new challenges for data protection. This includes how to protect these environments, how to leverage their capabilities, whether organizations will need to continue to manage on-premises or whether the future of their IT operations will be completely in the cloud.

The Veeam Availability Platform offers solutions that can provide data protection to, from, and within multi-cloud environments, ensuring companies can fully leverage their public cloud providers and existing on-premises systems. Continue reading to learn more.

Sponsored by: Veeam