[Whitepaper] Veeam + Microsoft combine to offer rapid time to value for cloud data protection

Winning organizations in the digital transformation (DX) era will be those that collaborate most effectively between business units and IT. Organizations that work to transform their IT organization to digital native will have a measurable advantage over those that do not. Thus IT investments will be driven by the ability to create demonstrable business value in a digital economy. Business value will not be measured just by ROI but by the ability to deliver faster application deployment with less human intervention, a better user experience, and simpler operations.

Because demonstrable business value is so important to digital transformation, Veeam asked IDC to conduct a study of customers using Veeam with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. The study methodology used in-depth interviews of five organizations of diverse industries, including financial institutions, cloud service providers, and telecom companies. These organizations were also from different geographical regions, including North America and Europe. The advantage of in-depth interviews compared with surveys is that interviews allow broad-ranging exploration of topics that can delve into details. The interviews include a specific set of questions but also allow the respondent to bring up topics, issues, and experiences not otherwise considered.

Sponsored by: Veeam