[eBrief] Building the perfect business platform

When it comes to enhancing agility and improving the competitive edge, the Cloud is the ultimate equalizer. The Cloud gives small businesses access to some of the tools and techniques that larger companies have enjoyed for years, but with the additional benefit of scalability. For established firms, the sky is the limit.

These days, nearly all businesses are built around some kind of multi-cloud architecture – whether they know it or not. According to the Computerworld Hong Kong E-Report 2016, SAR firms use an average of seven different cloud service providers, with redundancy, data risk mitigation, regulations, latency and cloud optimization being key drivers. 

The pace of adoption is accelerating rapidly. China Telecom Global (CTG) provides a portfolio of 12 core solutions, each designed on common functionalities within a specific industry or customer type. CTG puts much emphasis on integration, and has designed its services for full compatibility with all major cloud platforms in China and overseas, including eCloud, AliCloud, AWS and Azure. CTG has also adopted a holistic cloud-network convergence strategy. With over 50 terrestrial and submarine cables worldwide and a state-of-the-art OTN network, CTG’s global footprint extends from China to every part of the world.

Sponsored by: China Telecom Global | Sep 2018