Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) is an important technology for improved road safety and the future of autonomous driving. It complements the capabilities of other ADAS sensors by providing 360-degree non-line-of sight awareness, while providing an evolution path to 5G NR based C-V2X for autonomous driving. C-V2X momentum continues to build with a broad ecosystem support due to its superior performance, cost effectiveness and 5G compatibility. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How C-V2X Rel-14, the initial phase of C-V2X, is gaining momentum with expected commercial readiness around 2019
  • What capabilities and technologies 5G New Radio (NR) brings to C-V2X Direct Communications
  • The role of 5G NR based C-V2X communications in enabling autonomous driving use cases
  • How the C-V2X evolution to 5G NR addresses new complementary use cases for autonomous driving, while maintaining backward compatibility

Featured Speakers:

Durga Malladi

Senior Vice President, Engineering
Qualcomm Technologies

Durga joined Qualcomm in 1998 as an Engineer. Currently, he oversees the 4G and 5G cellular projects in Qualcomm Research, spanning Mobile Broadband Communications, Millimeter Wave based Backhaul and Access systems, Shared Spectrum Access, Internet of Things (IoT), Mission Critical Services and Cellular Vehicular Communications (C-V2X). He is the recipient of Qualcomm’s IP Excellence Award, Qualcomm Distinguished Contributor Award for Project Leadership and Upendra Patel Achievement Awards for Outstanding Contributions to HSPA and LTE.


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