[eBrief] Unleashing the Full Potential of 5G: Mobilizing mmWave

We have officially entered the 5G Era, and by now, you’ve heard a lot about millimeter wave (mmWave) — a set of higher spectrum bands (loosely defined as 24 GHz and above) that promises to unleash a large bandwidth opportunity for wireless communications. However, due to mmWave’s RF propagation properties, its use has so far been limited to fixed point-to-point links, such as for wireless backhaul and home broadband delivery.

The new frontier is to mobilize mmWave for the smartphone and make it available for the masses. This requires cutting-edge R&D and extensive prototypes/simulations, as well as for the entire ecosystem to work on interoperability testing and trials. Not to mention, the mobile device supporting 5G NR mmWave (e.g., smartphone) will also need to meet formfactor and power constraints.

This eBrief will discuss where we are with mobilizing mmWave today, how to solve the challenges of mobile mmWave for 5G NR, and what future enhancements mean for 5G NR mmWave.

Presented by:

              Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.