Drug delivery via the pulmonary route is well established for the treatment of localised diseases such as asthma and COPD, though it has attracted attention recently as a portal for systemic diseases as well. A number of devices exist in the market to facilitate inhaled drug delivery, each with its particular advantages and disadvantages. One such type of device is a dry powder inhaler (DPI).

Some DPIs operate with hard shell capsules as single unit drug reservoirs that are punctured in situ prior to aerosolisation. Many capsule formulations have been used in DPIs, and as these may behave differently, it is important to understand which key capsule characteristics determine their suitability.

This webinar will discuss several capsule formulations used in DPIs and will compare their performance. It will provide an overview on some of the novel methods being employed to evaluate the physical characteristics and mechanical properties of capsules, and will also address the factors influencing the aerosolisation performance of different capsule types. 

Featured Speakers

Dr. Sion Coulman

Senior Lecturer
Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sion Coulman is a Senior Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He graduated from the Welsh School of Pharmacy in 2001, qualified as a pharmacist in 2002, then returned that same year to academia to pursue a career in research, completing his PhD in 2005. His main interests are currently divided between transdermal and pulmonary drug delivery, with a particular focus on devices. In the latter area, he focuses on the formulation and performance of hard shell capsules for dry powder inhalers. Sion has employed a range of analytical techniques in his research to develop novel laboratory tests and models that provide new insight within the field.

Mahmoud Farag, MSc

Mahmoud Farag, MSc

Scientific Business Development Manager
Qualicaps Europe

Mahmoud Farag is a Scientific Business Development Manager at Qualicaps Europe, where he plays an important role in supporting pharmaceutical R&D departments with solid oral dosage developments, as well as capsule-based dry powder inhalers. He also leads the Qualicaps participation in different research programs in collaboration with a number of research centres and universities to further study the properties and performance of inhalation capsules. Mahmoud holds an MSc degree from Uppsala University, Sweden.


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