It’s easy to see why any medical device company should be conducting regular risk assessments for its products. A thorough analysis of safety and quality data should influence the decisions made for multiple business initiatives, including risk management, post-market surveillance, and competitive intelligence.

There are many data sources containing device safety and quality information, but there are obstacles to effectively utilizing them. Because data is not normalized or standardized, it can be difficult to search and retrieve comprehensive results; establishing benchmarks and conducting comparisons across products – especially those of your competitors – sometimes feels impossible.

In this webinar, we’ll examine why regular risk analysis is so important, the data sources available, what the data can tell us, and how to leverage big data to deliver actionable insights.

Featured Speakers:

Nicolas Tasse-Guillen

Senior Product Manager
Reed Tech

Nicolas is a subject matter expert on creating user-friendly data-centric products. He has more than fifteen years of experience in product development working in the life sciences, healthcare, and information services industries. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. When he’s not creating revolutionary software products, you can find Nick making space shuttles and other cool vehicles out of Legos with his five-year-old twins.

Rachel Benway

Associate Product Manager
Reed Tech

Rachel believes that the development of intuitive software will lead to more affordable and effective healthcare. She has six years of experience in healthcare technology. Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University and a Master’s degree in Health Informatics from Temple University. Rachel recently earned her Open Water Diver certification so in her free time you will find her 60 feet underwater, exploring the world beneath the surface.


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