Fraud and fabrication is no laughing matter in the realm of clinical trials. It can be a tall task to take on, it is important that everyone involved in a clinical trial understands their role in detecting and preventing fraud and fabrication.

This webinar will outline the ways in which sponsors and CROs can remain diligent by being aware of signs of possible fraud and fabricated data throughout the course of the study.

Featured Speaker

Lysa Triantafillou

Director, Quality Assurance

Lysa has more than 20 years’ experience in clinical research including 15 years’ experience in regulatory compliance and quality assurance.  As Director of Quality Assurance, Lysa ensures compliance with Rho quality standards, GCP, and regulatory requirements, and is currently involved in Rho’s implementation of ICH E6 R2 and a refresh of Rho’s CAPA program. In her previous roles, she has served as a director of regulatory and quality management systems, led a top independent IRB through the AAHRPP re- accreditation process, and acted as the head of the Human Research Protection Program.


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