The failure rate of clinical studies in depression is high, and placebo response is often blamed.  In this webinar, Dr. Jack Modell, a board certified psychiatrist with more than 35 years of experience in clinical research and patient care, discusses why there is more to the story than placebo response, including:
    • Inclusion of subjects that have depressive symptoms, but don't truly meet the criteria for major depressive disorder
    • The reliability of human raters
    • Properly defined study objectives
Additionally, Dr. Modell addresses steps that can be taken to avoid these pitfalls.

Featured Speaker:

Jack Modell, M.D.
Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Modell is a board-certified psychiatrist with 35 years’ of experience in clinical research and patient care including 15 years’ experience in clinical drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has led successful development programs in the neurosciences, is a key opinion leader in the neurosciences, has served on numerous advisory boards, and is nationally known for leading the first successful development of preventative pharmacotherapy for the depressive episodes of seasonal affective disorder.

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