Roger Grace, president of Roger Grace Associates and recipient of the 2016 Sensors Industry Impact Award, is scheduled to conduct a webinar on the topic of MEMS/Sensors Marketing. Grace is a 35-year veteran as a sensor marketing consultant and has conducted extensive interviews with over 20 MEMS/sensors highly credentialed executives to create this material. Armed with this information as well as his own, “Sensors/MEMS Marketing: Oxymoron or Opportunity” will provide answers to critical issues including:

    •  Listening to the “voice of the customer”
    •  Insider tips and the role of marketing communications for a successful marketing campaign
    •  Market research: past failures and future opportunities
    •  Is the “shine” off of MEMS?
    •  Similarities and differences in MEMS/sensor marketing vs. IC marketing
    •  The role of marketing in the funding process
    •  and many more.

The webinar will be filled with pragmatic (sorry Harvard Graduate Business School) and personal information based on the more than the 400 plus years of combined MEMS/sensor industry experiences of the interviewees. This is a not to be missed opportunity to gain some very valuable knowledge for the MEMS/sensor community.

Featured Speaker:

Roger Grace

Roger Grace Associates

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