[eGuide] Massive MIMO: Eight things to consider when testing antenna arrays

Massive MIMO systems challenge those who install and configure them. To achieve optimal performance, the massive MIMO antennas of 5G cell sites will need to be carefully calibrated and tuned. For instance, as we explain in our eGuide, Massive MIMO: Eight things to consider when testing antenna arrays, the large number of antenna elements, if not calibrated properly, will create unwanted emissions in unwanted directions.

The eGuide details new testing techniques and equipment that are needed to meet the challenges created by massive MIMO systems. It covers 8 important questions :

1. What is massive MIMO?
2. Why use massive MIMO?
3. What are the biggest challenges with massive MIMO?
4. What are the different types of beamforming used for massive MIMO systems?
5. How do you connect the antenna array in a test setup?
6. Are we in the near field or far field?
7. How do you create far-field conditions at short distances?
8. What test equipment is needed for massive MIMO measurements?

Download the eGuide to get a concise overview of key aspects of massive MIMO technology to be considered for testing antenna arrays today.

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