Today, there are clear signs that the biopharmaceutical industry is facing a quiet yet potentially damaging force: compressive disruption.  However, future-focused biopharma companies have found a way to deliver exceptional growth amidst compressive disruption: by embracing New Science, an ever-evolving combination of the best in science and health technology that is filling unmet need and raising the standard of care.  Accenture research finds that leaders in New Science are investing 6-7x more in digital, data and genomics compared to their peers.

Join senior leaders from Accenture and Salesforce to find out how these Biopharma companies are leveraging this investment in digital technologies to drive value for the healthcare ecosystem, including, and most importantly, their patients.

Featured Speakers

Michael Schwartz

Senior Director, Life Sciences

Michael Schwartz is Senior Director, Life Sciences at Salesforce. As part of the Global Healthcare and Life Sciences team, Michael leads the strategy for biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries. He works closely with top global companies and emerging entrants to drive customer success and innovation. Michael brings 20 years of industry experience ranging from product development to market strategy, most recently serving as co-founder and VP Marketing at Fluxion Biosciences.

Derek Pollock

Manager Director, Life Sciences

Derek Pollock is responsible for the development of patient-focused solutions to better drive patient outcomes. Derek leads the practice’s business development efforts in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical products, wholesale and consumer health business sectors. Prior to joining Accenture in 2018, Derek founded and built a global technology company that created a new category of software called Closed Loop Marketing. 


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