The webinar will provide a “sneak preview” of several of the approximately 14 technical presentations from noted speakers representing the world’s leading research and commercial organizations in this field who will participate in the all-day preconference workshop scheduled as part of Sensors Expo 2018.

Since the workshop will address technologies, applications and the commercialization challenges associated with these technologies, the webinar speakers’ selected represent the wide range of the workshop topics and will hit the high points their workshop presentations. The webinar topics include:

  • Brief introduction/overview/summary/conclusions of the overall workshop
  • Applications and manufacturing issues for flexible/printed force sensors
  • Challenges of packaging/integration of these technologies into systems
Attendees are encouraged to send in questions for consideration in the session.

Featured Speakers:

Roger Grace

Roger Grace Associates

Mat Dirjish

Executive Editor
Sensors Online

Rob Podoloff

Chief Technology Officer

Chip Spangler

Aspen Microsystems

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