[eBrief]  How services virtualization is eating the world

As service providers move their legacy, circuit-switched systems of today to the software-powered, open source virtualized designs of tomorrow, they will have to educate both their employees and customers about the process and what it might mean. And, of course, operators will also have to carefully move into an SDN, NFV world in a way that will cut costs and open up new opportunities at the same time.

Download this eBrief and see how Fierce delves into this market evolution in two parts:

 1. Implementing SDN and NFV: Top carriers around the world continue to take steps toward an SDN and NFV future. Where are they on this path, and what functions and services are moving first into this arena? How are operators deploying VNFs in their NFV architectures? And how fast is this process evolving?

2. The services: SDN and NFV promise operators the ability to deploy new services more quickly. So what services are on this forefront? From on-demand bandwidth to SD-WAN, what offerings will carriers use to recoup their virtualization investments? And how are these services best positioning service providers to take advantage of the IoT and, eventually, 5G?

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