[eBrief] Subscriber Acquisition and Retention in an OTT World

As the OTT video space catches fire, providers across the competitive landscape have two main concerns: Getting new subscribers, and keeping the ones they have. Those two basic market elements drive virtually every single decision by executives in the streaming video industry.

And, at least here in these early days of OTT, getting subscribers and keeping them appears to stand as a major hurdle, at least based on third-party research. After all, the OTT market—where signing up for service, or canceling service, requires only a few clicks—is much different than the wireless market, for example, where credit checks, smartphone purchases, and two-year contracts can tightly tie a customer to a provider for the long haul.

Further, as over-the-top video services continue to multiply, they are also keeping key parts of their own math mysterious: OTT services generally don’t talk about how much they spend to get and keep subscribers, how long those customers stick around, or how many subscribers leave each year.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that players in the OTT space have their work cut out for them. How might OTT providers better attract and retain customers? What customer-acquisition levers are available to competitors in the space? And which retention strategies are working, and which are not?

This Fierce eBrief will seek to answer these questions and more in two parts.

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