A 5-day email course for travel advisors sponsored by Marketing Manchester.

This five-day email course is designed to help you grow your UK bookings beyond London. With new direct flight routes and a unique culture, history and heritage, Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK right now.

You’ll learn why Manchester and the North of England are your best bets for attracting repeat bookers to the UK. How to sell Manchester like a local to Boomers, Millennials, groups and families. Plus, why knowing what modern travelers and those with a Millennial mindset want is key to delivering more immersive, personalized and profitable bookings.

Day 1
Looking Beyond London Can Lead to Repeat Bookings
Understanding Modern Travelers
Attracting First-Time Travelers to the UK

Day 2
Manchester: The Original Modern City
Selling to the Millennial Mindset

Day 3
Selling Manchester Like a Local
Key Market Segments
Follow the Money and Sell to Groups

Day 4
Bookable and Commissionable Products
Social Media Selling

Day 5
Attracting Repeat Bookers to England
Sell an Idea, Not Just a Product
Fill in the Sales Gaps

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