[Whitepaper] Faster and Smarter: How to Take Testing to the Next Level

The accelerating pace of innovation in technologies, networks and methodologies is compelling companies to adopt new strategies to achieve a competitive edge in the evolving marketplace. Today’s hypercompetitive landscape requires intelligent test solutions that can manage higher velocity, volume and complexity of new product releases. Effective test solutions can improve product quality, lower costs and accelerate time-to-revenue while fast-tracking the testing journey in the continuum.

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the Aricent portfolio of intelligent test and automation solution help customers reduce test cycles and business risk, while boosting time-to-market. It further improves product quality and operational efficiency by implementing several intelligent testing use cases across the test life cycle.

Aricent Intelligent Testing offers a wide range of testing use cases, some of them are as below:

  • Code Defect Prediction – Automates bug detection earlier in the life-cycle by shifting left preventing defects leak.
  • Test Case Prioritization – Prioritizes test cases there by providing the ideal ordering of test suite.
  • Root Cause Analysis – Monitors all causes and provides the root cause(s) and enables bug triaging.

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