[eBrief] Tackling the Enterprise Market Through SDN and NFV

Service providers from all corners of the industry are now entering the new world of software-defined networking and network function virtualization. By virtualizing their systems and moving to off-the-shelf, software-controlled hardware, network operators can both cut costs and more quickly introduce new services.

And this transition appears to be creating major new opportunities on the enterprise front. Via SDN and NFV, operators are now offering a range of new enterprise-focused services like on-demand bandwidth, SD-WAN, virtualized security and more. And while many of these software-powered services could cannibalize the revenues that service providers currently generate from enterprise customers, many believe this transition to more flexible services is inevitable.

Of course, operators’ transition to SDN and NFV technologies – and their focus on the enterprise market – raises a range of questions and concerns. Will the new services that are being enabled through SDN and NFV lead to more churn among business customers? How can service providers effectively transition enterprises from legacy systems and onto new, software-powered offerings? And perhaps most importantly, how can operators ensure that their revenues from the enterprise remain consistent throughout their evolution to software-defined networking and network function virtualization?

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