It’s pretty simple. You won’t use something if you don’t know you have it. More than half of benefits recipients in America don’t fully understand their benefits, resulting in reduced utilization and poorer health outcomes.

So how do health plans overcome this awareness gap? They partner with their comprehensive virtual care provider to engage their members. More than ever before, the focus is on building a bridge between the real day-to-day needs of members and the high-quality 24/7 solutions that are available to address their health concerns.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to “meet your members where they are” with a convenient, world-class, personalized member experience. Integrating data with advances in technology, artificial intelligence, and analytics, Teladoc Health’s “Surround Sound” member engagement approach enables health plans to provide the right virtual care delivery offering at the right time across the entire spectrum of care.

Featured Speaker

Opeyemi Oluwole

Vice President, Member Engagement
Teladoc Health

Opeyemi is a seasoned marketing executive with more than 15 years of success changing consumer behavior and driving revenue at world-class consumer brands like American Express, Citigroup and Delta Air Lines. As the Vice President of Member Engagement at Teladoc Inc., Opeyemi is shifting ingrained consumer habits away from physically going to the doctor – to quality, convenient virtual medical care. 


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