[eBook] Thrusting Broadcasters into the Digital Future

Broadcasters are clearly pushing toward the digital horizon. Amid aging, analog systems, broadcasters and their vendor partners see this IP transition to more flexible, responsive architectures and a wider digital presence as necessary for the future of the industry. Already, massive broadcast groups like Sinclair are using their scale to push the ATSC 3.0 next-generation TV standard, industry groups like the Alliance for IP Media Solutions are charting a course away from SDI, and companies like Tegna are building ways to better make money off OTT.

But challenges remain. Moving legacy systems into the IP realm is expensive and time consuming. But competition in the OTT space is rising, and change appears obligatory. In four parts, this Fierce eBook will examine where the U.S. broadcast industry sits in its transition to IP standards, how ATSC 3.0 can be used to better serve audiences and communities, and how broadcasters might launch and monetize OTT.

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