Researchers are encumbered with a plethora of disparate data and analytic tools. These assets pose several challenges which need to be overcome to ensure they satisfy their intended purpose. Users’ expectations are evolving around implementation effort, access, usability and long-term viability to deliver meaningful results across use cases.

Join this webinar to learn how real-time, self-service access to longitudinal patient data is changing the way researchers evaluate:

  • Treatment Effectiveness – Comparing outcomes to alternative treatments or between different populations

  • Safety – Uncovering signals of laboratory or clinical adverse events

  • Protocol Design/Feasibility – Assessing the size of a patient cohort and the impact of inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Site Selection & Patient Identification – Finding sites where eligible patients exist

A variety of real-world studies and results will be explored.

Featured Speaker

Manfred Stapff, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer
TriNetX, Inc.

Manfred Stapff is a physician and board certified clinical pharmacologist with an extensive career in clinical and pharmaceutical medicine. He was formerly an Executive Director at Actavis, Forest Laboratories and Merck and also served as a Medical Officer in the German Air Force. Manfred earned his MD and PhD from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


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