Industry is encumbered with lengthy drug development timelines and high costs. These challenges are correlated with the difficulty to recruit appropriate patient populations for clinical trials. Join this session to learn how real world data is transforming the way biopharma, CROs and study sites navigate obstacles in drug development across protocol design, site selection and patient recruitment.

Attend this webinar and learn:
  • The impact of real world data on clinical trials.
  • The appropriate use cases to incorporate real world data in the planning and execution of clinical trials.

Featured Speaker:

Manfred Stapff, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
TriNetX, Inc.

Manfred Stapff, MD, PhD, is a physician and board certified clinical pharmacologist with an extensive career in clinical and pharmaceutical medicine. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer of TriNetX, Inc. (, the global health research network for healthcare organizations, biopharma and CROs. He was formerly an Executive Director at Actavis, Forest Laboratories and Merck and also served as a Medical Officer in the German Air Force. Manfred earned his MD and PhD from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


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