[eBook] Lights, Camera, AI: The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Media & Entertainment

The pressures facing the media and entertainment industry are becoming more dramatic than anything on the big or small screen. 

Content needs to be more engaging than ever before and work seamlessly across multiple channels. The ability to monetize content needs to be flexible, dynamic and real-time. Reducing costs at every stage of the process is paramount. 

Artificial intelligence (AI), and the potential it promises have captivated the minds of Hollywood for decades, but is is no longer is confined to plot points and cinematic themes. Today, AI stands to help address the media and entertainment sector’s biggest challenges. 

Download our eBook and learn:

    • The full scope of where AI can be used in content creation, distribution and discovery
    • How to overcome the fear and uncertainty in using AI to complement or replace tried-and-true processes
    • The first steps to integrating AI into your most critical video workflows today.

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