5G architecture recommends a service-based approach to enable end-to-end software defined network functions. Initially virtualization-based and now heading toward containerization, a service-based approach inherently leads to a need for separation of state and business logic. What is missing in this thought-line is a clear understanding of the nuances of this separation.

In this brief session, we will discuss key considerations when choosing a data architecture to support your journey into a composable architecture built on a microservices foundation.

We will touch upon:
  • What it means to separate business logic and state
  • What it means to have stateless containers, to scaling up and down
  • The role of structured data and unstructured data
  • What does a combination of streaming unbounded data and mission critical bounded data look like?
  • And more, if time permits

Featured Speakers

Dheeraj Remella

Chief Technologist

With over 23 years of experience in the field, Dheeraj and his team have the unique opportunity to closely collaborate with customers, partners and prospects to understand their data management needs and help them to realize the business value of VoltDB and related technologies, particularly in telecom, industrial IoT and NFV implementations.

Iain Gillott

Founder and President

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Before founding iGR, Mr. Gillott was a Group Vice President in IDC's Telecommunications practice, managing IDC's worldwide research on wireless and mobile communications and Internet access, telecom brands, residential and small business telecommunications and telecom billing services.


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