[Whitepaper] Site-specific, Patient-centered and Whip-smart: Enrollment Assistants Adapt to a Shifting Landscape

Increasingly complex clinical trials place a tremendous burden on study sites, exacerbating already-troubling recruitment and enrollment issues. Overwhelmed, many sites may not be up to the task or have the appropriate infrastructure, creating costly delays that keep new therapies from patients. However, strategically placed Enrollment Assistants can ease that burden, streamlining enrollment, making sites more agile and offering patients personalized attention that leads to conversion and retention.

For many sponsors and CROs, embedding an Enrollment Assistant™ (EA) at select study sites has become the norm. It’s how they get the job done. Now, as part of WCG’s end-to-end patient recruitment solution, ThreeWire EAs help clients save two months in patient recruitment and screening time. In one instance, EAs helped enroll 4.9 patients a month at a single site, compared to 0.8 patients a month at a site without EAs. Read more to learn how embedding an EA can accelerate your current or upcoming trial.

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