The challenge of particles in sterile, injectable drug products has been a quandary that the pharmaceutical industry has been dealing with for more than a decade. Recalls due to particulate can not only cause shortages of much-needed drugs, but also seriously damage a company’s reputation and its bottom line.

Using a holistic approach to selecting and testing primary packaging and delivery systems can help pharmaceutical manufacturers mitigate particulate risk.

Join West’s Fran DeGrazio and John Rech as they discuss how to reduce particulate by focusing on:

  • packaging materials
  • particle testing methods for drugs and closures
  • best practice analytics in evaluating particle methodologies
  • original research on testing elastomeric components by subvisible particle methodologies

The webinar should be of interest to: drug product formulators, analytical testing personnel, QA&QC personnel, packaging engineers and manufacturing personnel along with others interested in the subject of particles in sterile drug products.

Featured Speakers

Fran L. DeGrazio

Vice President, Global Scientific Affairs &Technical Services
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Fran DeGrazio has been in the pharmaceutical packaging industry for 35 years with extensive expertise in the delivery of injectable drug products, vial and syringe systems, and injectable combination products. A sought-after speaker and author, Fran is currently an active member of the PDA PMF Visible Particulate Task Force leadership team, the IPAC-RS Materials Working Group and has received the 2017 Healthcare Business Woman’s Association Luminary Award for West.

John Rech

Technology Manager, Particle Lab
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

John has 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and seven years in the packaging and rubber industry with West. Previous areas of focus were related to customer complaint and plant investigation and particle analysis as a senior scientist. He is recognized as West’s particle testing subject matter expert. Recently he was promoted to the role of Technology Manager for Particle Testing to bring new capabilities and technology, as well as further scientific knowledge, to West’s analytical lab.


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