[Whitepaper] Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward

Until recently, curing metastatic disease was not considered possible. But over the past few decades, a new class of cancer treatments has demonstrated curative potential even in late stage patients: cancer immunotherapies.

So far, the approved “checkpoint inhibitor” cancer immunotherapies have been successful in only a subset of tumor types and patients. However, the landscape is expanding to include several new and promising types of immunotherapies, such as cell-based immunotherapies, personalized vaccines, and more.

This paper provides an overview of cancer immunity and how key cell-based immunotherapies work.  It also provides a look ahead at their commercial potential.

Key topics covered include:

1. Cancer Immunity: How the Immune System Can Attack Cancer
2. Cancer Immunotherapy: How Therapeutic Interventions Can Trigger and/or Boost Cancer Immunity

3. Cell-Based Immunotherapy Classes and Characteristics 
     1. CAR-T
     2. TCR
     3.  TILs
     4. DC Vaccines
4. Commercial Opportunity and Challenges
5. Development and Commercial Outlook

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