[Whitepaper] The importance of early key opinion leader outreach in the biologics and biosimilars marketplace

We believe in many geographic markets, the introduction of biosimilar products is viewed as economically beneficial—in other words, the introduction of a biosimilar either will lower the average annual cost of an existing biologic therapy or, because of lower prices, promote increased access for (and use of) biologics—or both. There is often an implicit assumption of bioequivalence, such that the economic savings are achieved at no net loss of clinical benefit or no net safety consequence.

In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at the following questions:
  • What is the current environment for clinician and market access stakeholder outreach in the biologic and biosimilar space?
  • How does that vary among mature and burgeoning markets around the world?
  • At which juncture(s) in the pipeline does a manufacturer need to reach out to stakeholders?
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