[Whitepaper] Retrospective Payor Claims Analysis of Patients Receiving Outpatient Negative Pressure Wound Therapy With Remote Therapy Monitoring

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Patient nonadherence to clinician-directed treatment for negative pressure wound therapy in the home care setting is a significant problem in the US health care system costing $100 to $289 billion annually.1 To address this problem, some health care providers have turned to digital solutions, such as telehealth and remote monitoring (RTM) programs.

The present pilot study aims to provide an initial evaluation of any potential time and cost savings associated with RTM, patient engagement and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in the home care setting. The authors found a statistically significant decrease in median length of therapy in patients with RTM compared with patients without RTM. There also was a decrease in 90-day wound-related costs in the RTM group. See what the numbers revealed, the effect that RTM and patient engagement had on patient adherence, and the potential for savings on non-NPWT wound-related costs. Download the whitepaper now.

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