[Whitepaper] The Next Generation of Trial Master File Systems: Simplified Filing, Improved Oversight, Audit Readiness

As clinical trials grow in size, number and protocol complexity, so too do the demands on trial master file systems. Electronic versions of trial master files (eTMFs) are becoming more common, but legacy systems may not be equipped to function the way you’d expect – “digital” doesn’t always equate to “better.” By understanding the full scope of technological advancements and by carefully considering the factors that are critical to success in a system implementation, companies can take advantage of the evolution of eTMF systems. 

A next-generation eTMF should be intuitive, interoperable, configurable and designed to improve efficiency and maintain one version of the truth for worry-free inspection readiness.

Read ‘The Next Generation of Trial Master File Systems’ to learn more about:

  • The past, present and future considerations for eTMF systems
  • Best-in-class features of the latest eTMF systems
  • The steps to implementing an eTMF system built to handle your organization’s growth

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