[Whitepaper] Architecting a Front-End Stack for Multi-Screen Pay TV Services

With strong competition provided by a vibrant direct-to-consumer market, where the viewer is able to watch content on any device they choose, the incentives are there for a Pay TV operator to also provide a first-class subscription service experience on a similar array of devices.

However, platform fragmentation can create a compounding problem that can materially impact business velocity if not managed correctly. To innovate at the pace of market leaders, careful thought and planning needs to be applied to how the Pay TV service:

  1. Scales across every screen in an ever-changing ecosystem.
  2. Supports rapid in-market iteration to close the loop on analytical learnings.
  3. Ensures developer and designer productivity to support scalable delivery.

This paper will explore each of these strategic imperatives as it relates to choosing the technology approach that underpins your front-end tech stack.

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