Reference Based Pricing (RBP) has the potential to provide sustainable cost management and balance the needs of all stakeholders – payers, plan sponsors, members, and providers. Learn how RBP can help you respond to market trends, fit any configuration you need, and scale as your business grows.

The results? Competitive savings. Fewer provider appeals. Minimized balance billing. All integrated with your current systems for minimal process disruption.

Join cost management and healthcare legislation subject experts as they introduce an expanded approach to Reference Based Pricing, discuss current legislation implications, and offer practical recommendations for implementing a sustainable cost management solution.

Featured Speakers:

Rob Jackson
EVP of Cost Management Solutions
Zelis Healthcare

Rob has over 20 years of healthcare cost management and pharmaceutical management experience. He is instrumental in overseeing key initiatives in Zelis’ Operations and Services areas including product development, automation and capability. 

As EVP, Cost Management Solutions, Rob is responsible for setting strategic direction for development of cost management solutions, notably focused on fee schedule and Reference Based Pricing products, compliance, and client support. Rob advises clients to ensure effective implementation and ongoing success of sustainable healthcare savings solutions.

Matthew Albright
VP of Legislative Affairs
Zelis Healthcare

With over 12 years of regulatory and public affairs experience, Matthew tracks healthcare laws that impact Zelis clients and helps to ensure that Zelis stays two steps ahead of impending legislation.   

Matthew has first-hand experience with healthcare legislation and regulation at both the state and federal levels. He has served as a rules specialist with Washington state, drafted numerous regulations as a director at CMS, and oversaw CAQH’s certification program that tests for conformance with ACA mandates.


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