Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created; 1/3 of that data is healthcare-related. Given the amount of information “noise” in the market, a new NPP landscape has emerged. HCPs now take initiative to source the information they need, when and where they want it (particularly in light of reduced rep access). At the same time, 84% of patients ask HCPs about a drug they saw in an ad. This presents a challenge to pharma – how can outreach initiatives optimize engagement?

In this presentation, we will examine:

  • Pharma’s current challenges in maintaining share of voice
  • Today’s goals for using digital channels 
  • Tactics to break through the “noise”
  • Definitions of campaign success

Featured Speakers

Jason Bernstein

Senior Manager Strategic Solutions
Epocrates, an athenahealth service

Jason draws on 15 years of immersion in the medical communications field, working alongside US, European and Asia-based firms as well as international panels of key opinion leaders, regional medical societies and local healthcare professionals, to execute multi-channel outreach programs. Currently based in the biomedical-tech hub of Boston, Jason’s role as lead strategist at Epocrates sees him partnering with biopharmaceutical firms on their targeted communication campaigns, with real-world outcomes as an aim. 

Jeff Greene

VP Digital Strategy & Insights
DRG Digital | Manhattan Research

A strategist, writer, speaker, and marketing innovator, Jeff has spent more than 20 years guiding clients into the digital age. For the past 9 years, he's worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers and agency partners to evolve their multichannel approaches. In his current role at DRG Digital, armed with the longest-running studies of physician and patient multichannel behavior, Jeff connects life sciences companies with customer data and business rationale to accelerate their digital efforts.


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