[eBook] On Immediacy: Hospital Operations and the Benefits of Information in Real Time

Hospitals depend on up-to-date information about the area around them, the status of patients and staff, and any events that may affect them.

That's why hospital teams have long relied on a wide range of information streams, including from local first responders and the news. Now, hospitals can add another important channel: social media and other publicly available information.

Tapping into this valuable dataset can give hospital managers the clearest understanding of incidents that may impact operations —as they happen. And that can make all the difference when every second counts.

Information from public sources can reveal incidents such as:

  • Natural disasters affecting transportation and facilities, as well as travel routes to the ER
  • Nearby events affecting hospital security and operations
  • Accidents and other events sending patients to the ER
  • Mass casualty incidents resulting in numerous critically injured victims
  • Other transportation breakdowns delaying staff

However, such events can produce an influx of fragmented and contradictory information, including false rumors. How can hospital teams filter out the noise to get alerts on the critical information they need fast?

The solution is relevant real-time information, including photos and video, delivered in a centralized stream.

Learn more in Dataminr's ebook.

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